Alabama Defensive Driving School Objectives

Our goal with Alabama Defensive Driving is to expose as many drivers as possible to the invaluable and potentially life-saving traffic safety education experience. Many drivers in Alabama simply do not have access to traffic school. Countless visitors to Alabama get traffic tickets. Intrastate truckers get tickets. Pregnant women and stay-at-home mothers get tickets. The physically disabled and busy working professionals get tickets. People in rural areas with no accessible defensive driving school classes get tickets. Arguably, very few of these drivers ever get the chance to attend a defensive driving class. Scheduling conflicts, inability to travel, and a host of other reasons limit their exposure to a very valuable service. But that is changing. Alabama Defensive Driving is always available to anyone with a computer and Internet access. The course is reasonably priced and therefore provides a much needed option for those individuals heretofore excluded from the education process.

Reaching Our Objectives

Through the internet, Alabama Online Defensive Driving has expanded its reach, as we now are able to provide sorely-needed traffic safety education to drivers in their homes, offices, campus libraries and local internet cafes. With each passing day, more and more Alabama drivers — as well as drivers nationwide — utilize our programs, while new states are seeing the value of distance-learning and developing guidelines to approve their own online defensive driving courses. Our goal is rapidly becoming a reality.... growing numbers of drivers are being educated in traffic safety as the barriers that have in the past denied them access have been broken down by the power of the Internet.

Not in Alabama?

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